3d Works

Labyrinth Mind

These shots are from a side project.  The goal was to create a detailed, fully realized world in a lofi aesthetic.  I started with a floorplan, then started building modular assets on top of that.  After about two months, I had finished most parts and you can see the results here.  This took a lot of iteration, including taking my own reference photos when I was out, and taking the time needed to flesh out the concepts.


Castle Town

This was a personal project I completed in the span of about 10 days.  All of the models and textures are my own.  I started by designing a few modular pieces, with the intention of creating a cartoonish medieval town.  Once I had enough pieces, I laid down a floor plan and started building up the space. After I designed the cathedral area, it all started to come together, and I added finishing touches like the streamers and benches.  I made sure everything used as few polygons as possible, and used very low res textures and few materials.  This ensured that when I imported it into Unity3d, it would run very smoothly.


This project was a great learning experience, because it took me through the whole process of conception, modeling, texturing, and application in a game engine. I’m currently in the process of working on a more complex piece in this style in my free time.

Vending Machine

This design was for a class project.  We were asked to create a vending machine for a culture other than our own.  I chose Iztapalapa, a Federal District of Mexico City.  The area has poor water quality from old pipes, and the taps frequently run dry.  The idea was to address these needs with a lightweight, easy to use water filtration system.  From the vector design, I used Blender3d to create a model, and animated it as a GIF.  Having this animation allowed me to immediately communicate the idea in a compelling way.