2d Works

Mountain of Metal Subgenres



I was tasked with creating an infographic for a class, so I thought about what I knew. I’ve listened to enough metal to know the ridiculous amount of subgenres present in the style. I decided to use last.fm scrobbles (user plays) as a general basis for judging popularity and created a list using the major subgenres. I knew I wanted a mountain, so I thought about how to get it all to fit. Next I plotted out the genres on a ruler, and began to work on the general look and feel. It came together in the end with the lighting, shrines, monks, and font.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, last.fm website

Name Brand Exercise




The goal here was to create a series of personal logos with vector graphics. The graphic is self explanatory- I designed each one on a large blank page, took the best versions, and group them into a frame to display them.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator

Cultural Relevance Evaluation Method

I created this poster in Illustrator for my capstone project in the HCDE program at the University of Washington.  It informs the viewer about the purpose and process of our project, and gives them a taste of our findings.

My main goals were to make the international theme of the project apparent at first glance, and divide the information up so that it is not overwhelming.