0.) Recent

Way & Co Recap Reb 12, 2016

Summit Block Party 2015

This video was released on Facebook, but here is a version for easier viewing.

To make this, I combined footage and audio from myself and two others into a representative montage of a DIY block party in August of 2015.

I sifted through the footage until it flowed smoothly, and then overlayed motion graphics onto the video to tell the story.

1.) Creative

On the Ave

I was given the task of making a video that describes a "place". I chose a street near the University of Washington nicknamed "The Ave" because it is always full of action and I had walked it hundreds of times. I worked my way down the street with my tripod, trying to get a lot of variety. I had also built a makeshift camera slider using a drawer slider I got at Home Depo and some wood. I needed to use two tripods to operate it, but I think the shots I got in the middle were worth it.

Next, I wanted to capture the street at night, so I came back the next day to get a different set of footage.

Once I had the footage, I looked at it all and split it up into chunks that were interesting. I wanted to score it, and I had a tempo in mind- I arranged the clips to align perfectly to 90 bpm. Finally, I took it inside my DAW (digital audio workstation) and came up with the music in line with the video.

Dream’s End

For this video, I had to make a mock title sequence to a movie. I had recently taken a trip to California and taken some footage, so I decided I would use that footage.

The challenge came when I realized that there was no theme to the footage. I decided to frame the project around an eerie aesthetic, and took it into After Effects. I used a song I had made earlier to arrange the clips around, but ultimately it did not fit. So, in a process similar to "On the Ave," I came up with a score directly in line with the video. The result achieves what I believe to be a coherent mood.

2.) Event

2013 Parkour Visions Classic Montage

I had an assignment to film an event. Coincidentally, I was informed about a Parkour event happening soon close to where I live. On the day, which happened to be perfect filming weather, I drove over with my camera and a monopod. My goal was to capture the overall atmosphere and action of the event while remaining non disruptive.

Once my footage was done, I composed a song that fit the mood, and then arranged the clips to that.

The Ultimate Hobby

My brother plays a lot of Ultimate Frisbee, and I wanted to practice interview style filming. I followed him to a game and shot a bunch of b-roll shots. Later, I had him visit to film an interview. I tried my best to get the lighting right, but realized I didn't have bright enough lights.

All that was left was to arrange it all into some kind of loose narrative, throw together some sounds, and render it. I accidentally wrote my brother's name as "Chirs," which he still complains about.

Snuff Redux (12/21/13)

The drummer of my friend's newly formed band wanted some publicity and heard I was doing video work. Over the next few months I captured the band about 6 times.

This video turned out well for several reasons. I had additional footage from two other people, which allowed for many more editing possibilities. I also had access to a clean(er) recording of the audio to mix with my camera audio.

3.) Practice

Will I Get A Ticket (v0.5)

This was done for a UX class at the UW. My group was working on a parking app, and at a certain point I realized it would be easy to convey the features of the app in a short video.

One day after a group meeting, I had my group members act through an improvised narrative that helped bring our concept to life. It's rough, but it worked well in selling the idea.

The Return

I was given the challenge of making a video depicting someone walking from one spot to another. Simple... but I had an idea about a walk through the woods near where I live. I took my camera and tripod with me and scouted for locations that conveyed a sense of scale. I did not have as many workable shots as I thought I would, but it was fun to edit.

It all came together when I added in an ambient track I had recently created, and served as a good learning experience.