3d Animations

Labyrinth Mind

Here is a video that I planned, modeled, textured, animated, and scored using Blender3D, GraphicsGale, FL Studio, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro from scratch. It started with a rough idea, I laid the groundwork, and continued to build the space. Once I had enough, I animated a camera path, and then worked on fleshing out everything along that path. Finally, I improvised a piano line while watching the video, and created a soundscape to add immersion. The last step was the intro motion graphic and compositing.

The Bell Tower

This animation was done as a type of Rube Goldberg Machine. It was animated by hand in Maya3d with no physics, and all of the visual content is of my own creation from scratch.

It was ridiculously fun to put this together. Once I got some sounds from freesound.org in there, I felt that I had accomplished what I set out to do.

On the right is the preliminary proof of concept.

The Tower

I made this to illustrate a concept I had for an Occulus Rift type of experience. The idea here is that you wake up on the shore of an Island and are told to visit the top of a tower on a hill at the center of the island. I used Maya3d to build the entire island and features. With a low poly and textureless style in mind, I started by building the general terrain of the island. Next, I started to build features and objects like trees and walls. I kept going, adding small scenes wherever it felt appropriate.

Nearing the end, I animated a camera through the whole scene, and then made an SFX / music track to go with the whole experience.