2d Animations

1.) Video

Nujabes ft. Shing02 – Luv(Sic) Motion Graphic

This is a brief excerpt of a song where I animated the lyrics. I did this in After Effects by lining up each action with each word and coming up with dynamic actions that reflected the messages portrayed.

The Endless Journey

I made this for a low key video competition. I made the music, and then made a storyboard for a story about a monk completing a cyclical journey.
2.) GIFs

Presentation on Defamiliarization

This is one slide from a presentation I gave on self defamiliarization. I created each slide in Adobe After Effects as a 5-10 second loop, and then exported frames. I brought the frames into Photoshop and created GIFs with a small file size. I presented with those GIFs placed inside a PowerPoint presentation.

Kismet Trip

I took a photo of the family cat and manipulated it through Audacity by changing bass and treble boosting as if the image file were an audio file. I went through and manually did this about 60 times to form a pattern, and stitched it together in Photoshop to compress as a GIF.


The following three were for a drawing class I took. This one took a lot more frames than I thought.

Double Take

The assignment here was to evoke the classic cartoon double take move when a character sees something shocking. I was surprised how cool the frame by frame looked from the camera perspective I used for the real-life animations.

Flour Sack Trip

The flour sack is classically used to teach character movement in 3d space because it is easy to visualize. I don't consider myself entirely successful here, but the effect works.