What did I take away from my time in school?

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Human Centered Design & Engineering

University of Washington | M.S. | Dec 2015

I learned how to put the user first

The fruit of usability efforts can be seen all around us. As technology becomes more prevalent, robust, and interconnected, it is important that it aligns with user expectations and needs. Intuitive is the name of the game. I learned the UX industry terminology, and came to better understand the world of systems, flow, and interaction. 

Digital Media Arts

Bellevue College | AA* | Dec 2014

I learned how to create audio/visual content with modern tools

To become proficient in something, you first learn the basics. During these courses I learned the building blocks of graphic, motion, 3d, and video design. I became comfortable with Adobe Creative Cloud and pushed myself on creative projects.

Cultural Anthropology

University of Washington | B.A. | June 2012

I learned how to consider alternate perspectives

I have always found it interesting how two people can be convinced of “truths” that initially appear contradictory. It turns out that culture, history, and environment plays a large role in how one perceives the world. I say it’s prudent to integrate multiple perspectives- after all, we’re looking at the same “thing” from different positions of awareness.

School Projects