Project Description

VR Stages

VR Experience  |   2017

What if we can virtually preview stages?

Roles Tools Client

VR Dev Unity3d Microsoft

I was provided an un-textured, un-optimized model of the space and sound effects. The goal of this project was to allow users to enter two stage spaces and change a few settings related to lighting and imagery.

  1. Optimization: The model I received was not read for use. I cleaned it up worked with the material settings to create a semi-realistic look.
  2. Basic Interactions: I imported some templates and started building out the interactions I needed, including a color wheel for one control, laser pointer actions, teleports, and grabs.
  3. Lightboxes: This was the main interactive element in the space. I wanted smooth transitions between colors, and experimented with different interaction methods.
  4. Wall Menu: This project was an experiment, so I tested out a giant wall menu that controlled (and visualized) every aspect of the scene.
  5. Hub Area: I created a small sandbox area to load into where the user could test interaction before entering into the real experience.
  6. Mixed reality recording: I experimented with putting myself into mixed reality. I was able to use a green screen area at a maker space to achieve this.

This was one of my earlier VR projects, so it was a fundamental learning experience. I played around with a lot of UX variations here- some more effective than others. The color wheel was cool to use, but ultimately a little convoluted.