Project Description

Tosolini Website VR Park

VR Environment   |   2017

I want to transform a website into a theme park.

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All Blender3d Tosolini Productions


This project is a VR app developed for HTC VIVE in Unity3d, consisting of a highly interactive large-scale 3d environment.

  1. Sketch: I sketched a few views of the space, focusing on key sections (“360,” “Matterport,” “VR,” etc.)
  2. Greybox: I modeled a full outline of the space. Core features were a hub zone, a windmill, a castle wall, an elevator, and a mountain with a zip-line.
  3. Detail Greybox: I decided to keep the basis of the greybox as the core, adding vegetation and a few more detailed models to the space. I wanted to keep the content focused.
  4. Website content: I placed a variety of 2d, 360, and video content in the space
  5. Day & Night: I integrated lighting systems to create a day & night cycle for the space
  6. Interactions: I tuned a teleportation system, added a brochure quick travel, made a functional elevator, set up the zipline, integrated climbing, added navigation hints & proximity actions, and a failsafe for user who happened to fall off the edge.
  7. Audio: I set up a variety of sound fx and compositions to give each space its own specific atmosphere.
  8. Optimization: To get this running smoothly, I set up my own occlusion groups, and disabled everything manually that the player would not be able to see from their current location.
  9. Video: I created a smooth flythrough to show off the space, and edited multiple showcase videos

I’ll always remember staying up all night at the maker space, and eventually being able to climb up my virtual windmill, grab on, and ride the mast as the day and night system cycled. To me, that was total freedom.