Project Description

Tosolini Demo Reel

3d Animation  |   2018

I want to fly to the center of a floating city.

Roles Tools Client

All Blender3d Tosolini Productions
  After Effects  


This project involved showcasing all of Tosolini Productions’ technology work in a smooth fly-through.

  1. Storyboard: I created a very rough storyboard outlining the flow of scenes I thought would keep things novel
  2. Intro: I wanted to nail the portal effect through the VR headset. I found a model online and set it up to animate for my purposes.
  3. Main Content: Here, I was really exploring how far I could take evolving perspectives and scaling. I took it step by step, and hacked it together when elements weren’t behaving as precisely as I would have liked.
  4. Audio: I ran through a quick audio session and embedded sound effects into the track
  5. Final video: I went through and added the text narrative- generally the timing takes the longest to get right

This project ended up being a test of my imagination. I wanted the video itself to communicate lateral thinking, even if the content didn’t fully connect, or only a glance was given.