Project Description

Skate Seattle

360 Skate Video  |   2018

We want to capture a local skater’s memories of Seattle.

Roles Tools Client

Creative After Effects Tosolini Productions


I was present for the shooting and provided transportation between locations.

  1. Narration: The first step was to come up with a simple narration for the video. I captured it on my field recorder.
  2. Green screen shot: I wanted a fun opening shot, and we were at a maker space with a green screen. I had Jamiel do a kickflip in the greenscreen area, and I was able to isolate him for the intro shot.
  3. Filming on location: We brought Jamiel to a number of locations and had him skate a few lines with the camera. For a few, we let him loose to explore on his own.
  4. Shot choice: I cycled through the footage and chose the most representative shots to string together. I also had an old shot from Mt. Rainier that worked well when Jamiel mentioned hiking.
  5. Subtitles: I added subtitles to the whole video, making sure they were impossible to miss.
  6. Audio: I produced a quick track to flow with the shots.

This was an especially fun project, and Jamiel’s vibe brought a lot to the shoot. We didn’t have to work very hard on the shoot- it came together pretty well. The camera we used was an earlier portable camera, so the video is grainy overall, but it’s hard to miss the iconic Seattle locations.

I really wanted this video to work with no sound in a social media setting. I made sure the subtitles were easy to see even if the user never touched the view angle of the video.