Project Description

Reactor Spaces

HoloLens App  |   2017

I want to present a 3d scanned space on HoloLens.

Roles Tools Client

HoloLens Dev Unity3d Microsoft
Video Shoot HoloLens  
  Premiere Pro  


I was given the 3d scan and a skeleton framework for the Unity project.

  1. Matterport Import: Matterport is a device that 3d scans interior spaces. It gives the user the option to export .obj models. The catch is that they are terribly optimized. The HoloLens is practically a weak mobile device, so this presented a huge problem. I had to find my own optimization pipeline for the model, which involved, joining, splitting, decimating, and consolidating vertex and texture data.
  2. UX: Next, I had to figure out how to allow users to select individual rooms with touch or voice, and lay the groundwork for switching between the three spaces.
  3. Video Filming: I ran the video shoot and chose all of the shots. I also edited the video and selected the music track.

This project forced me to learn about optimization in Unity. I focused more on polygons, textures, and draw calls to eventual get the experience running somewhat smoothly. The voice commands were especially satisfying on this project, and we all had fun acting out the video.