Project Description


VR Demonstration  |   2017

What if I can string a combo of 10 portals?

Roles Tools Client

VR Dev Unity3d Tosolini Productions
Creative HTC VIVE  


The 3d scans in this project were done by Paolo Tosolini. I took 10 scans, and figured out how to link them with creative portal FX.

  1. Optimization: The first, and most time consuming, step to this project was optimizing each model for real-time use in a single scene. I ran them through Blender3d, and then MeshBaker in Unity.
  2. “Stacking”: I lined up each of the models over each other, thinking about creative ways I could link them using a portal effect from my asset collection.
  3. The Performance: Once I had my order, positioning, and portal objects set up, I spent time recording and performing the sequence. It took a while to get it smooth and with no glitches.
  4. Audio: I composed an audio track to flow with the constantly changing locations.

This was a project that made itself. I got the idea, and with the scans, I witnessed it happen.