Project Description

Magic Leap Real Estate

AR Graphic  |   2018

I want to pull a floor of a building like a drawer.

Roles Tools Client

All Unity3d Tosolini Productions
  Magic Leap Creator’s Edition  
  After Effects  


I was provided with a 3d scan of a property.

  1. Magic Leap Basics: I followed a few tutorials and adapted my own simple interaction system that allowed me to set up collision on the world and place my own objects.
  2. Virtual “Stage”: I built out my multimedia stage (video, images, text, 3d objects, 3d scan, FX).
  3. Animation Loop: I setup a detailed animation loop, making heavy use of a materialize shader effect from the asset store. Another goal was to have a “drawer sliding” effect with the floor reveal.
  4. Google Earth Studio: Another component to this project was using Google Earth Studio to give a fake drone-like view of the property. I exported tracking data to After Effects and did some esoteric masking to make the effect look more integrated.
  5. Video: I recorded video from the Magic Leap, exported it, and added motion graphics and music to the visual.

This project was my first experience using the Magic Leap, and I came away with mixed reactions. Compared to other XR devices, it took more custom work to get the basics running, and the quality was similar to the original HoloLens. I really pushed myself on this one to make the 3d animation dynamic, with complex motions and FX.