Project Description

Lake Bill Recreation

3d Animation  |   2019

I want to use laser scan data to virtually recreate a space.

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I was provided with laser scan data of Lake Bill, a feature on old Microsoft campus. The area is being renovated, so we wanted to preserve it (although Lake Bill is staying largely untouched).

  1. Model Cleaning: The scan data came back with a ton of extra geometry, especially around the trees. The only usable part was the dimensional data and curvature of the ground.
  2. Replacement: I replaced textures where relevant, added virtual grass, created a lakebed, added water, lined the lake rims with stones, added a virtual bench, added virtual trees, created virtual building frames, and added FX.
  3. Camera Views: The water asset I was using included underwater features, so I came up with a way to showcase that, and created several other creative views.
  4. VR: I created a quick VR interaction to experience the world from the inside
  5. Google Earth Studio: I created a “fake drone shot” of the surrounding area using Google Earth Studio
  6. Video: I finished up by creating the video (editing, motion graphics, music selection)

I had the idea to do a spatial replacement, and this one was an interesting setting. It wasn’t as clean as an interior replacement would be, and felt very game-like by the end, but I found the space very relaxing to be in- especially with the koi fish.