Project Description

Labyrinth Mind

3d Animation  |   2015

I want to make an animation from scratch with a continuous camera shot.

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Labyrinth Mind is an original 3d animation through a world of dream-like associations.

The majority of this project was built within Blender3d (modeling, texturing, and animation). I made the spritesheets in GraphicsGale, and improvised the music in FL Studio.

  1. Sketching: I drew a few top down views of the space to get a sense of what type of content I would fill it with. I had the structural idea of a central reservoir surrounded by a single road system, with a market in front.
  2. Greybox: I built out the geometry. For this project, it was mostly unique all the way through- I was not practiced with modular creation.
  3. Texturing: This was where most of the time was spent. I came up with lightweight spritesheets- one for the main surfaces, one for materials with transparent elements, one for billboards & vehicles, and one for characters. I unwrapped and assigned textures to the entire scene.
  4. Animation Path: I worked with Blender’s built in animation tools to come up with a main animation path for the camera. I ended up with a clockwise sweep of the area, weaving in and out of areas with different moods and activities.
  5. Audio: Once I had a rough animation, I played it back and played a piano line as I was watching. From this, I added elements and ambient sounds.

This project was a great learning experience for me. It was my largest environment to date, as well as my first time using the animation tools within Blender. I was satisfied with bringing my vision to reality here.

It was very inefficient, however, to do the texturing by hand on geometry this varied. I had to pay a lot of attention because I wanted to achieve a uniform pixel scale for most of the textures.