Project Description

Intuiville Experiment

Touch Screen Interaction  |   2019

I want to turn an isometric graphic into a dynamic 3d scene.

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All Blender3d Tosolini Productions

I created a 3d version of this graphic.

We used this project as a background for an Intuiface/Unity integration test. The idea is that Intuiface buttons would send the Unity screen to different views.

  1. Recreation: I took a graphic off of the Intuiface site and used Blender3d to turn the isometric space into a 3d space.
  2. Import to Unity: I brought my file into Unity, and started to tweak the lighting, perspective, and effects. I grabbed some character that I had from the asset store and added them to the scene with simple animation loops (and also removed their textures).
  3. Video Screens: Tosolini Productions has created many touchscreen walls, so I took screencasts of a few and put them onto the screens of this virtual space.
  4. Main Views: I came up with a few views that followed the main callout points on the original graphic. I also added flat popout info panes to each. I used DOTween Pro to handle the smooth motions between any two positions.
  5. Rotation: I set up the scene for drag rotation along one dimension

I enjoyed the challenge aspect of this project, and seeing how close I could replicate the original image. Once that was done, I had a lot of fun playing with the lighting and materials to get a clean look overall. Once I added a convention center audio background, it felt complete.