Project Description

House of Yoshi

360 Video  |   2018

What does a 3d infographic look like in a 360 video?

Roles Tools Client

360 Motion Graphics After Effects Tosolini Productions
  Unity3d Eventions


My main role for this project was adding the virtual graphics to the 8k 360 video. I also helped out during the shoot.

  1. Room Dimensions: The first thing I did was import a frame of the footage into Unity and set it as the skybox. I then recreated the walls, floor, and table of the room to help me line everything up.
  2. Virtual Elements: I sketched out a few different graphical ideas that could add to the 360 experience. I also experimented with accessibility by adding a full subtitle of the video into the 3d space.
  3. Polish: I added a few subtle (and not so subtle) details as part of this experiment, like 3d fish swimming by when the aquarium is mentioned, or a virtual gate to a Japanese street opening up at the end.

This was a really fun project, and a good test of my 360 abilities. The method I used to line up the virtual content with the 360 footage was a bit of a hack, but it mostly worked out, and allowed me to intuitively place elements within the 3d space. Once I had the pipeline running, it wasn’t any more complex than doing everything in After Effects, and Unity is much better suited towards real time editing.