Project Description


HoloLens Experience  |   2017

What if we let employees meet a CTO’s hologram?

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HoloLens Dev Unity3d Microsoft
Creative HoloLens  
Demo Lead    


We created a timed HoloLens experience for TechReady 2017, allowing users to see and listen to a 3d scanned hologram of Norm Judah, a Microsoft CTO. This project started with 3d scanning norm, and recording voice narratives. Next, we brainstormed layouts for the virtual space, and it was on me to make it happen.

  1. First Draft: We had a few planned elements- a speaker, photos, etc. My first step was to put everything into the space and get the app running.
  2. Framework: Next, I had to work on the general flow of the experience. We wanted to run up to three attendees simultaneously, and have each session last for 90 seconds. I came up with a virtual countdown clock on the wall, and timed out the narrative. 
  3. The event: Once I finished, we ran hundreds of employees through the experience. For many, it was their first HoloLens experience. I helped out at the demo station for each day of the event.

The volume of people using this experience made it very fun. It was interesting to see how different people reacted, and I was happy that my experience seemed to be having the intended effect. I’m thankful for everyone involved who gave me the opportunity.