Project Description

Hiking in 360

360 Web Experience  |   2018

Explore Comet Falls:

Explore Franklin Falls:

Roles Tools Client

All Insta360 Pro Tosolini Productions


I am constantly hiking, so this project was a no brainer. I brought the Insta360 Pro 360 camera with me on two hikes and took photos along the trail. The idea was that we could angle this as a way to provide information about gear.

  1. Audio/Visual: I placed the camera at points along the trail. I also brought along my field recorder (audio) and captured about a minute of audio at each spot.
  2. Additional Elements: I used Photoshop’s photosphere editing capabilities to bake in extra data (like navigation and various products) to the images.
  3. Assemble in Seekbeak: With about ten core images per hike, I imported them into Seekbeak and formed a guided tour of the spaces, complete with map navigation.
  4. Bonus Content: I had an idea to intro the Comet Falls hike from a virtual hot air balloon overlooking a virtual Mount Rainier. I found a cheap model of the mountain and created a Unity3d environment. I captured the scene as a 360 video, and including a dynamic transition from day to night for extra visual appeal.
  5. Video: I also made everything in the video, including the shot of myself and the drone shot. It was my first drone shot in nature, and minutes after I was educated on why it’s bad after thinking I was alone in a remote location. I haven’t and will not get drone shots in nature after that- it’s legitimately disruptive and illegal in national forests. 

This one took some coordination, and I’m glad that I pulled it off. I wanted to see what kind of immersion I could bring from the hikes into a virtual experience. The combination of 360 and audio does more than just a photograph. For the business angle to have been successful, I think I would have needed a model/actor posing with gear at various point to add a human element to the story.