Project Description

Floating City NEON

3d Animation  |   2018

I want to fly to the center of a floating city.

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  After Effects  


This project mainly developed in two weeks and it was very complex.

  1. Asset Hunting: I spent a few weeks hunting down 3d models that I thought would fit my vision for a floating city.
  2. Greybox: I made a basic sketch and then spent two days envisioning a greybox with an intended path from outside to center. I considered the overall shape as well as the moment to moment segments.
  3. Detail Greybox: This was a major chunk of the project- because I roughly knew where my camera was going, I started filling in the path with textures and models. Each section had a high level theme (garden, market, lava chamber, transit) that helped move things forward.
  4. Animation Path: I used Cinemachine in Unity to set up a camera track that would follow the drone model. It took a while to get it right
  5. Record Segments: At this point, my computer was grinding. My project folder was sitting at 126GB. I had to split the world into chunks and record segments individually (one frame at a time).
  6. Join Segments: I brought everything into After Effects and added some motion graphics to the start and the end. To patch up awkward jumps between the segments, I added some glitch effects that I thought fit the overall theme.
  7. Create Audio: I created a huge layered soundscape to give each section it’s own atmosphere

This project was both a dream and a nightmare. I couldn’t believe what Unity and associated tools allowed me to achieve in a short amount of time. The deadline forced me to learn quick and do the heavy lifting necessary to brute force this into existence. I think the dreamlike approach is reflected in the output, but I recognize that everything is a little sloppy.