Project Description

AR Business Cube

ARCore App   |   2018

Business card? What about a cube?

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The idea here was to transfer the information that would be on a business card to a dynamic virtual 3d object. The MergeCube, a cheap AR target in the shape of a foam cube, was the ideal tool for the job. There was a basic Unity API to work with- it was similar to Vuforia.

  1. MergeCube Integration: My first step was making sure I could overlay a Unity object to the cube using an Android phone. I was able to test with the webcam from my laptop.
  2. Cube Layout: I carefully considered what would go on each side of the cube. I got more mileage out the portal effect, opting for three of the sides to be a window into content. This turned out to be a cool and unique effect (in my opinion of course).
  3. Content: I loaded up this cube with interesting 3d models, textures, depth, and color.
  4. Video: I wanted the video itself to hold positive charge, so I visited a popular tourist location view of Seattle, and used it as the backdrop to my AR recording.
  5. Video 2: I added motion graphics, chose an audio effect, and the concept was ready to share with the world.

The MergeCube brought this project to life. There’s something to AR, but the infrastructure isn’t quite there yet. It’s awkward having to hold up a phone, and headsets aren’t very convenient yet. The fact that we can take ideas and visually represent them like this still blows me away.