Project Description

4th of July AR

Mobile AR App   |   2018

What if I set off virtual fireworks on the 4th of July?

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I built a quick Android app in Unity for the 4th of July. It allows you set set up any amount of flags and fireworks boxes, and set them off in sequence with a detonator. I also tested out a virtual sparkler.

  1. Asset Hunting: I already had fireworks particles to work with, and I found a cheap sparkler.
  2. Integrations: I set up a version to work with ARCore, and another to work with Vuforia. This covered the basics in terms of the spatial recognition.
  3. App interface and logic: I set up a few buttons, along with the logic for box sequences and visual representation.
  4. Video: I took the app to Gasworks park the night before 4th of July and tested it out. I created a social media video for the experience

This one was especially rewarding considering how quickly it came together. The best part for me was playing around at Gasworks park, where the real fireworks would be triggering the next day.